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Modern tattooing by machine is a highly spiritual and sacred rite of passage. Jessica Lynn Henry is honored, as a fat and queer artist, to carry on this timeless tradition of adornment and self-reclamation through a lens of inclusivity, intention, and care.


Jessica was born and raised in an extremely conservative closed religious community in northern Utah. After her great escape at a young age, and her many adventures around the globe, she settled down for a moment and began her apprenticeship at (the now defunct) Sailing Saint Tattoo in Sitka, Alaska. She eventually relocated back to Washington and is thrilled to have found a wonderful home and community of artists at                            in the Central District of Seattle. 


The sublime and untamed wilderness of the Pacific Northwest has been a huge inspiration for her art. She is also inspired by the mythos and mysticism from various religious, spiritual, occult, and philosophical traditions.


Jessica views tattooing as a ritualistic practice and is honored to help people, especially queer and marginalized folks, reclaim and celebrate their bodies through this sacred form of magical adornment. 

Contact Jessica directly to discuss rates and availability for custom or flash tattoo appointments. 

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